Try 100 top Slovak wines

Bestseller 72 wine tasting program in 100 mins

With this program you will have 100 minutes to taste 72 wines.

  • You will be able to choose which wines you want to taste, you can all 72 wines or which ones you want
  • It is a very unique concept because all the wines are chosen via
  • Every year is a different wine collection, this year is the 17th year of wine collection
  • There are only two concepts of this kinds in the world!!! One of them is this one in Bratislava
  • You will guide yourself through 5 rooms full of wine, pouring yourself tastings of whichever wines you like in whichever amount you desire.
  • As you move through the 5 rooms, you will go from lighter, white grape varieties to more fuller bodied, aromatic whites, on to rosé and then red wine.
  • This program is about exploring Slovak wines and its 6 wine regions
  • Bread is served with this program to help cleanse the palate between wines.
  • *The wine tasting is public, you can meet other people at wine tasting* Sittings are limited
  • *Please bare in mind, when we changing the collection it can sometimes happen some wines are dropped out or the wines are on the way to restock, as you still are tasting a lot of wines we charge the full amount 30 euros/per person. Thanks for understanding.

All of our programs can be booked with a cheese sharing plate, if you would like this it needs to be booked at least 1 day in advance.

Watch the video how 72 wines in 100 mins works?

Taste the best of the best

Slovak wines have received a lot of recognition from competing in international wine competitons and our wines are now available to taste in the Museum of Wines in Bordeaux, France.

Come and see for yourself at the Slovak National Collection of Wines, where the top 100 wines of Slovakia are showcased and available to try in one of our programs.

Tasting of 6 premium wines

  • Taste 6 premium slovak wines
  • It consists of 30 euros and above priced wines, including: premium sparkling wine, premium 2 x  whites, premium 2x red wines and natural sweet wine: can be Tokaj or straw or iced wine – the choice is on the professional sommelier
  • It is guided with a professional sommelier
  • You will find out about the wines, wine makers and the style they were made of
  • Takes up 2 hours, the glasses are changed 3 times
  • It is served with a fresh bread
  • you can order a cheesy snack for extra 4.90 euros/person
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How the wine tastings work?

Guided tasting programs

  • A sommelier will go through a series of wines with you and tell you more about Slovak viticulture and winemaking.
  • We offer tastings of 2 or 4 samples to choose from.
  • We also offer a 6 sample winelover tasting which you will be able to taste 6 of our higher category reserve wines.
  • How long does it take? 2 samples – 10 minutes, 4 samples: 30 mins, 8 samples: 1,5 hour, 6 wines: 1,5 hours.
  • The samples are wine tasting small samples.

The price list of Wine tasting programes:

  • Guided wine tasting–  2 samples: price 6 EUROS
  • Guided wine tasting – 4 samples: price 11 EUROS
  • Guided wine tasting – 6 samples – premium wines: 49 EUROS
  • 72 wines in 100 mins– the most popular program: price 30 EUROS

Aditional services

  • Catering –  we can recommend you a catering agency
  • Snack – you can order a plate cheese, cold cuts, olives and bread for any tasting program. This must be ordered at least 1 day in advance.
  • Voucher – the perfect gift!! You can purchase vouchers of any amount to gift friends and family with the opportunty to come for a tasting or to buy some of our amazing wines.
  • *Wine tastings are possible outside of the opening hours, with extra charge 150 euros/per the time of lasting wine tasting program